What We Do


In order to build a growing community of rural role models, Bodhi Tree Foundation has developed a two-part theory of change.

In the short-term, through our college programs, residential programs and career counselling interventions, we engage with the rural graduates to understand their aspirations and challenges, and help them devise a career plan by exploring the opportunities available to them. This allows the graduates to overcome their immediate hurdles and judiciously exercise their choices to become financially independent and to operate at their full potential. We provide them basic skills around communication, English language and methods of using technological tools that boosts their chances of securing a desired job. Financial stability and self-sufficiency becomes an important factor to be addressed, in order to create an atmosphere for these young people to think beyond their basic necessities.

In the long-term, through our mentorship programs and village engagement initiatives, we develop a strong, productive and healthy workforce of rural youth who can make sustainable contribution to India’s development and bridge the inequity between the urban and rural ecosystem. We impart life skills management programs to equip our rural role models to take on future challenges. These self-motivated youth leaders with strong social values are then facilitated to engage in community service and nation-building through ownership and entrepreneurship. These role models will serve as our change agents and play an instrumental role in bringing back the vibrancy and potential of Indian Villages which is where our future lies..