College Programs

Through College programs, we conduct sessions at various colleges and universities to gauge the interests and challenges faced by the graduates. We design the workshops with the aim to increase the aspiration level of students by educating them about various career opportunities available and guiding them in accessing those opportunities. We engage with them at regular intervals to monitor their progress and support them with activities like soft skills, communication, resume building, spoken english and so on, that can boost their employability and confidence.

Residential Programs

Our Residential programs are intensive life skills based programs that aspires to lay the foundation of future rural leaders who have a nuanced understanding of the confluence between social impact, society and self. The sessions and workshops for the program are carefully designed around the needs, demands and specific challenges of rural graduates. Activities are conducted to enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and public speaking. An atmosphere is curated for the participants to come together with a feeling of togetherness to discuss the various challenges they encounter both at individual and community levels and meaningful ways of overcoming them. In our residential program for girls, special focus is laid on building self-confidence, self-belief and the strength to stand up against the flaws in the society and uphold their dignity.

Village Engagement Initiative

Permanent Centers for ‘Learning and Development’ are established in Villages in collaboration with the local communities and the youth of the village. These centers are primarily owned by the graduates of the village while being facilitated and supported by trainers from Bodhi Tree. This space functions as a hub for learning, ideating, discussing, experimenting and sharing of knowledge and experiences. One of the major objectives of these centers is to inculcate social values and entrepreneurial skills among the graduates so that they can take up and implement projects for local community development. Bodhi Tree works with these youngsters and the local people to implement variety of projects to make the village more sustainable and self-sufficient. These graduates are also supported and guided in preparing for their long-term career aspirations. The students are encouraged to make the maximum use of the center and its resources. Currently, we have two functioning centers in Kuripankulam and Seethaparapanallur village with about 35 graduates benefitting from them. We aspire to touch atleast 3 more villages within the current academic year.

Mentorship Programe

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor” If the learned and the learning communities can come together, many phenomenal things can be achieved because of the amazing blend of experience, wisdom, energy, and fresh ideas. If our rural graduates can be rightly guided to tap their full potential in the most socially conscious manner, they can become leaders of tomorrow. Through the Mentorship program, we individually connect the rural graduates with a Mentor based on their areas of interest and aspiration. This is a one-on-one mentorship model wherein the mentor guides the mentee through career and life choices. We are also working on using this program to connect the urban youth with their rural counterparts so that they can learn from each other and build a strong youth movement in the country.

Exposure visit

A Day in Collectorate:

“A Day in Collectorate: We collaborated with the district administration of Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli districts and organised an one day exposure visit to the district collectorate.The purpose of this meeting is to expose the college going students who aspire to become civil servants to understand the structure and functioning of each department in district administration and motivate them to become good administrators in the future.